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(Last Updated August 22, 2017)


PhD: Music Theory (Expected May 2018)
Yale University, New Haven, CT

Dissertation: “Formal and Harmonic Schemata of Popular Music: An Empirical Investigation of Analytical Patterns and Their Mental Representations”
Advisor: Ian Quinn

Master of Arts: Psychology (June 2012)
University at Buffalo SUNY, Buffalo, NY

Master of Music: Music Theory (December 2010)
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

Bachelor of Music: Music Composition (May 2008, Cum Laude)
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


Part-Time Acting Instructor/Teaching Fellow
Yale University: 2014 – Present

Instructor of record for non-major harmony and form (MUSI205), first-semester music theory (MUSI218), and second-semester aural skills (MUSI219). Teaching assistant/section discussion leader for non-major course in popular music analysis (MUSI 275) and music cognition (MUSI 343).

Courses Taught

MUSI 205: Tonal Harmony and Form (Fall 2014)
Review of musical rudiments, followed by a study of the fundamentals of tonal harmony and form. Emphasis on listening skills. Intended for non–music majors who have proficiency in reading music.

MUSI 210: Elementary Studies in Analysis and Composition I (Fall 2015, Spring 2016)
Practical investigation of the basic principles of tonal harmony, counterpoint, and composition through exercises in analysis, motivic development, phrase rhythm, texture, form, performance, and model composition

MUSI 219: Elementary Musicianship II (Fall 2017)
Continuation of MUSI218 – Exercises in melodic and harmonic dictation, sight-singing, keyboard harmony, and aural analysis.

MUSI 275: Analysis of Popular Music Forms (Spring 2015)
Introduction to the analysis of musical forms in popular song from 1960 to 1990. Elements of Western music and musical structures common in popular music. Development of skills in metrical counting, listening for difference and sameness, and long-range structural hearing. Intended for students who have no music reading ability.

MUSI 343: Music Cognition (Spring 2018)
A survey of historical and current approaches to questions about the perception and cognition of music. Topics include psychoacoustics; the cognitive neuroscience of music; relationships between music and language; the nature of musical knowledge; and debates about aesthetics, evolutionary psychology, and musical universals.

Teaching Assistant
Bowling Green State University: 2008 – 2010

Teaching assistant/section discussion leader for freshman theory (MUCT 1510 & MUCT 1520) and music fundamentals (MUCT 1100).

Courses Taught

MUCT 1100: Elements of Music (Spring 2010)
Designed to lead students to a mastery of rudiments of written theory and to provide introductory work in the development of related listening skills.

MUCT 1510: Theory 1 (Fall 2008, Fall 2009)
Knowledge and skills in diatonic harmony, melodic organization, form-creating aspects, with examples from a variety of music literature.

MUCT 1520: Theory 2 (Spring 2009)
Knowledge and skills in diatonic and chromatic harmony, melodic organization, part forms, with examples from a variety of music literature.

Bowling Green State University, TRIO Collegiate Services: 2009 – 2010

Tutor in Spanish, Mathematics, and General Education Music courses for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

2017           Student Travel Award for top student abstract (Society for Music Perception and Cognition)
2017, 2015 Graduate Student Association Conference Travel Fellowship (Yale University) – Two-time recipient
2016 Dean’s Emerging Scholar Research Award (Yale University)
2016 ISMIR ThinkTank Workshop Invitation and Conference Travel Grant
(International Society for Music Information Retrieval)
2016 SEMPRE Travel Award (International Society for Music Perception and Cognition)
2016 Yale Digital Humanities Laboratory Seed Grant (Yale University) – For EEG dissertation research
2015 Subvention Award (Society for Music Theory) – For travel to KeeleMAC Plenary Session as a representative for the Society for Music Theory’s Committee for the Status of Women.
2014 Minority Travel Grant (Society for Music Theory)
2014, 2013 Allen Forte Graduate Student Endowed Fund (Yale University) – Two-time recipient
2009, 2010 ProMusica Travel Grant (Bowling Green State University) – Two-time recipient
2008 Sword of Honor for outstanding fraternity service and exceptional leadership (Sigma Alpha Iota International Fraternity for Women in Music)
2008 Frances Millikan Reitz Scholarship for excellence in performance and service (University Women’s Club, University of Florida)

Member, Student Advisory Board, Yale University Title IX Committee 2015 – present
Member, Guest Lecture Committee, Yale Department of Music 2013 – present
Conference Submission Reviewer, International Society of Music Information Retrieval 2017
Publicist, Yale Tango Club 2016 – 2017
Webmaster, Yale Graduate Music Symposium 2015 – 2016
Graduate Student Member, Society for Music Theory: Committee on the Status of Women 2013 – 2016
Board Member/Webmaster, International Alliance for Women in Music 2009 – 2015
Co-Chair, Refreshments Committee, Yale Graduate Music Symposium 2014
Chair, Song Evaluation Committee, Sigma Alpha Iota International Fraternity for Women in Music 2010 – 2011
Graduate Student Representative, University at Buffalo, SUNY: Psychology Graduate Students Committee, Cognitive Area 2010 – 2011
Secretary, Praecepta – New Music Group and SCI Chapter
(Bowling Green State University)
2009 – 2010
Member, Graduate Committee, Bowling Green State University: College of Musical Arts 2008 – 2010
Member, Communication Committee: Web Content, International Alliance for Women in Music 2008 – 2009
Recording Secretary/Webmaster, Sigma Alpha Iota: Delta Gamma Chapter (University of Florida) 2007 – 2008
Head, Ushering Committee, Sigma Alpha Iota: Delta Gamma Chapter (University of Florida) 2007 – 2008
Chapter President, Society of Composers Inc.: University of Florida 2007 – 2008

Student Assistant, Special Collections, Yale University Music Library 2014 – present
Interim Head of Reproductions, Special Collections, Yale University Music Library 2016
Research Assistant, Yale Department of Music (Supervisor: Ève Poudrier) 2013
Graduate Assistant, University at Buffalo, SUNY: Neuroscience Department (Supervisor: Malcolm Slaughter) 2010 – 2012
Music Transcriber:, Ritual Music Publication Project, Sigma Alpha Iota International Fraternity for Women in Music 2008 – 2009

2016 ISMIR ThinkTank
International Society for Music Information Retrieval, New York, NY
2015 SMT Graduate Student Workshop: Cognitive Science Meets the Orphans
Instructor: Robert O. Gjerdingen
Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MI
2015 International Summer School: Methods of Popular Music Analysis
Organizers: Ralf von Appen, Andre Doehring, Dietrich Helms
Osnabrück University, Austria
2013 International Summer School on Musical Understanding: Philosophical, Psychology, and Neuroscientific Approaches
Instructor: Corrado Sinigaglia
Sheffield University, Sheffield, United Kingdom
2013 NECMT Student Workshop on Music Cognition
Instructor: Elizabeth Marvin West
NECMT Annual Meeting, Tufts University, Medford, MA
2012 SMT Graduate Student Workshop: Harmony and Voice-Leading in Pop and Rock Music
Instructor: Walter Everett
Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
2007 Study Abroad: University of Florida School of Music
Salzburg College, Salzburg, Austria
Participant in Composition Master Classes with Peter Adriaanz, Robert Rollin, John Stevens.


Collegium Musicum (Early Music Ensemble) – Yale University
Saybrook College Orchestra – Yale University
UB Symphony Orchestra – University at Buffalo, SUNY
Praecepta New Music Ensemble – Bowling Green State University
Concert Band – Bowling Green State University
Early Music Ensemble – Bowling Green State University
Wind Symphony – University of Florida
Symphony Orchestra – University of Florida
Concert Band – University of Florida
Symphonic Band – University of Florida
Athletic (Basketball, Volleyball, Marching) Bands – University of Florida

2016 – Present
2013 – 2014
2010 – 2012
2008 – 2010
2007 – 2008
2007 – 2008
2004 – 2007
2004 – 2007
Conductor: 718 NW 8th Street (Composer: Kyle Vegter)
Society of Composers Student Chapter CD, Vol. 6, University of Florida
Trombone: University of Florida Wind Symphony
Raise the Roof, Mark Custom Records, 7630-MCD
Trombone: University of Florida Wind Symphony
74th Annual Convention of the American Bandmasters Association, Vestige Audio
Gamelan Supprabango (Javanese Gamelan) – Yale University
UB Choir (Alto Voice) – University at Buffalo, SUNY
Carillon – University of Florida
2012 – Present
2006 – 2008

Private Lesson Teachers and Mentors

Trombone – Arthur Jennings (2004-2008), Bernard Jauch (2007), Garth Simmons (2008-2009)
Carillon – Laura Ellis (2006-2008), Michael Solotke (2012
Gamelan – Sarah Weiss (2012-2013), Sumarsam (2015-2016), Maho Ishiguro (2014-Current)
Conducting – David Waybright (2007), Michael Butler (2007), Archie Birkner (2007)
Composition – Frank Liberti (2004), Paul Basler (2004-2006), Paul Richards (2006-2008), Paul Koonce (2007)


• International Association for the Study of Popular Music (Joined 2016)
• International Society of Music Information Retrieval (Joined 2015)
• College Music Society (Joined 2012)
• Society for Music Perception and Cognition (Joined 2011)
• Society for Music Theory (Joined 2008) – Participant in: Music Theory Pedagogy Interest Group, Music Cognition Interest Group, Music Informatics Group, Popular Music Interest Group
• Broadcast Music Inc. (Joined 2007)
• Sigma Alpha Iota, International Music Fraternity for Women (Joined 2006) – Delta Gamma Chapter, University of Florida.
• Kappa Kappa Psi, National Service Fraternity for College Bandmembers (Joined 2004) – Alpha Eta Chapter, University of Florida.


Language Skills
Fully bilingual in Spanish and English. Reading knowledge of French and German.

Technical Skills
Languages: CSS 3.0, HTML 3.2/4.0, Python 2.7/3.4, Matlab, XHTML 1.0

Software/Applications: Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, ArchiveSpace, Coda Finale, Cycling ’74 Max/MSP, EEGLab/ERPLab, Ex Libris Voyager, Matlab, MuseScore2, Music21, PASW/SPSS, WordPress.