Below you can see various teaching resources I have compiled. By clicking on the individual courses, you can view syllabi, reading materials, and/or other teaching documents.

University of Dayton Courses

Theory Courses

➤ Theory of Music I (MUS 111)

    • F 2018 Syllabus (transitional curriculum)
    • F 2019 Syllabus (re-designed curriculum)

➤ Theory of Music II (MUS 112) – Music Theory Readings

    • S 2019 Syllabus (transitional curriculum)
    • S 2020 Syllabus (re-designed curriculum)

➤ Theory of Music IV (MUS 221)

    • S 2019 Syllabus

Other Courses

➤ Introduction to Music Technology (MUS 223)

➤ Psychology of Music (MUS360/PSY375)

Online Teaching Resources