I still practice my musicianship in various forms, mainly as a Javenese Gamelan performer. I also play trombone (my primary instrument), carillon, and compose.

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Javanese Gamelan

I began my gamelan journey in 2012 when I joined the Yale Gamelan Suprabanggo, then led by Sarah Weiss. During my time at Yale, I was lucky enough to study under various gamelan teachers/masters including Sumarsam, Darsono, and Maho Ishiguro.

Facebook: Yale Central Javanese Gamelan Suprabanggo

I have continued my Javanese gamelan playing at the University of Dayton, led by my colleague Heather MacLachlan. We perform two concerts a year (see concert calendar at the below link). The ensemble is open to any member of the Dayton community.

Facebook: University of Dayton Javanese Gamelan


I have played trombone since 7th grade. While no longer as active a performer, I performed in various ensembles including orchestra, wind ensembles, and athletic bands (including the University of Florida Marching Band and Pep Bands). I have also performed in various early music ensembles on sackbut. I have studied privately with Arthur Jennings, Garth Simmons, Bernhard Jauch, and Eric Schmalz (sackbut).


I also have studied and composed for carillon. I have privately studied under Laura Ellis.