A survey of practical skills and relevant pedagogical practices in music theory

The survey is available to take here.

The aim of this survey is twofold:

  • To determine music theory skills used by persons who practice or are involved in music-related activities
  • To investigate current pedagogical practices in music theory across the United States and Canada.

This survey contains multiple parts:

  • Part A: Questions regarding basic demographics and your undergraduate music training (for all participants).
  • Part B: Questions about musical practice for anyone who continues to be involved in music (whether full or part-time).
  • Part C: Questions about music theory teaching for any person that teaches one or more core undergraduate music theory courses in a higher-level institution in the United States or Canada.

A PDF version of the ICMPC 2021 poster is available to see here (the abstract is available here).

Any comments or questions can be sent to stefanie.acevedo[a]uconn.edu

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